From basic research to market readiness – IML and AAI develop innovative AI technologies in GAIA-X

An ecosystem based on the values of Europe for the secure, sovereign and manufacturer-independent exchange of data – that is the goal of the European cloud initiative GAIA-X. DFKI Lower Saxony, the research department interactive machine learning (IML) and the endowed chair of applied artificial intelligence (AAI) at Oldenburg university actively contribute to the establishment and further development of GAIA-X. At the DFKI Laboratory Lower Saxony, all four research departments are now involved in the development of key technologies based on artificial intelligence (AI) in different GAIA-X application domains. These are characterized by a wide range of applications and high innovation potential, see the news article about our work in this area at the DFKI main site for more details.

The research department Interactive Machine Learning (IML), under the direction of Prof. Dr. Daniel Sonntag, is now also involved in GAIA-X in a cooperation with the three other DFKI research departments in Lower Saxony. At the same time, a new project field called “Computational Sustainability & Technology” ( has started at the IML department to serve central needs around the topics of future and sustainability technology, sustainability and robustness, and resilience through interactive machine learning methods and to bring these into various further application domains. Oldenburg University and the endowed chair of applied artificial intelligence (AAI) support the new project field “Computational Sustainability & Technology” with funds from the Ministry for Science and Culture of Lower Saxony (MWK) and the AAI donators CEWE, EWE AG, BÜFA, OLB-Stiftung, Dr. Caroline Neumüller, Alexander Neumüller, DER KLEINE KREIS e.V. and Stiftung der Metallindustrie (SMNW).